New Year's Eve in 2018 in Amsterdam, 6 days by bus, 1950 kn!

Amsterdam is also known for its Red Wallet neighborhood and a high degree of tolerance and intercult...

New Year's Eve in Berlin, 5 days by bus 1.490 kn

The offer includes: high class tourist bus service, 3 bed and breakfast in hotel 2/3 *, sightseeing,...

Advent in Bratislava, 2 days by bus, First minute 550 HRK

On the eastern coast of the Danube there is a famous historical core, and in the west there is a mod...

Advent in Prague, Vienna and Bratislava, 4 days by bus, First minute 770 HRK

Enjoy the Blue Danube in Bratislava and Vienna and the fairy-tale city of Prague. An unforgettable f...

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