ECO Health

Lola Sense-comprehensive wellness experience

A holistic approach to health and beauty treatments in the center of Zagreb.

Holistic Centar Mulier

Retain and improve your health in Holistic center Mulier.

Bodyelement Yoga Studio

Choose one of the various exercise programs and give yourself and your body hour of health and leisure.

DO IN exercise i Makronova Monday and Thursday

Eliminate the stress and consequences of unnatural lifestyles through an ancient system of exercises for physi...

Sangha Yoga Centar

Sangha Yoga Center is an oasis of tranquility in the center of city.Select one of the styles of yoga and exerc...

Divya Yoga Center&School

Select the most appropriate style of yoga and exercise with experienced certified teachers to high standards o...

Pink elephant Yoga House

Start out and visit this inspiring yoga studio.Breathe, become more aware of themselves and their bodies with ...

Gaia Yoga School&Shala

Enjoy the benefits of the ancient discipline.

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