NATURA EKO-ETNO best products from all Croatian regions

Exhibition showroom in Green Gold Center.

Exhibition showroom in Green Gold Center.

Guardian of tradition and heritage of Croatian!

In Natura Eko Etno you will find the best products from all over Croatia.Tradicionalni domestic products are made ​​according to an old recipe, sweets, cakes, alcoholic and soft drinks bring the flavors and fragrances of all Croatian region.Unique, handmade souvenirs and traditional jewelry  showing richness of Croatian tradition and culture .This is the reason why Natura Eco Ethno has become a true guardian of Croatian tradition and heritage.

Where is located ?

Radnička cesta 52/1 (Green Gold Centar), 10000 Zagreb
tel.:+385 99 261 59 06
+385 1 231 01 11