About us

Our goal is to inform customers about the most effective promotional messages that reach a defined target group with a minimum investment.

We sell ad space on our own media and media that we exclusively represent and organize marketing campaigns.

Why advertise?

Advertising on the portal VIKENDplaner.info in very short time, you will increase the number of visitors to your website, resulting in increased sales your products and sevices.

Campaign organization

Marketing campaigns on the Internet are possible to develop and accomplish in very short time. From the idea to implementation does not take more than few days, and it is not unusual that the campaign is ready in 24 hours.


Effective advertising on the Internet can be achieved with different marketing budgets. Big campaign on the Internet can have a significantly greater effect than the campaign in some of the traditional media with the same price.


Promotional campaigns on the Internet can change and focus even after campaign starts. Cost changes are negligible compared to the total amount of campaign.

Since VIKENPLANER.info appear, you have no more excuse for weekend without content. Make the most of beautiful part of the week and enjoy the weekend.

For information and orders please contact us with confidence on info@VIKENDplaner.info