Beauty of Podravina - beautiful landscapes, culture, riding, something for everyone!

Beauty of Podravina - beautiful landscapes, culture, riding, something for everyone!
I must admit that even I do not know so well this end, the Podravina and its beauty. If you are interested in horses and riding, spending time in nature with hiking on Papuk, circle one weekend on the calendar and get on the road! We give you the perfect plan!
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Get a detailed plan on the weekend www.najboljeuhrvatskoj.info portal or through mobile applications bestCROATIA . Sign up at my weekend plan or to download an application under option plan with the following information :
Username : Višnjica
Password: Višnjica

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1. day

We suggest that you spend a weekend in the Drava on the estate Višnjica, at least as far as the accommodation. Višnjica estate, which in its complex has a hotel and annexes , is located near Slatina, in the country. Paddock which has about 70 odd horses, the pride of the farm and ponies on which to ride and are delight for children. So, take the time Slatina, to estates Visnjic, place in a hotel and dine. Walk the gardens, visit the stables with horses, and tomorrow we move on in the tour.

2. day

After breakfast, we set out to explore the history and culture Podravine. In Slatina is a lot of events to see in the center is a giant sequoia, a protected monument of nature, something still Draskovic Castle and Heritage Museum Slatine. For visit these few sites, you need about 2 hours, and when you get hungry, head to the old cella. Famous Slatina restaurant with a basement since the 1855th the year in which he produced the first Croatian sparkling win. After lunch, be sure to walk down cellar and taste the " good wine ". From Slatina to return to the farm and in the afternoon is reserved for riding. With instructor for both large and small , and additional carriage ride around the farm. Dinner at a restaurant on the property, and thus we end this day.

3. day
After breakfast, drink coffee on the farm and we headed to the park Nature Park. Bring comfortable shoes because you waiting walk in the park and waterfalls locusts and " glass production cemetery " in the wooded Jankovac. Slightly lower than the cemetery, is the most beautiful part of the park , Forest Park Jankovac the mountain lodge. At this place Count Joseph Jankovic built a house hunting, edited by two stream trout lakes for breeding, but also for the waterfall Grasshopper to it throughout the year had water. Count Janković was buried above the lake in a cave , eight deep and two meters wide. The spacious lawn in front of the chalet is always full of visitors who seek wealth in the home - a drink or something to eat. Here you can spend the night in one of only 10 rooms. If you do not rush home, you can walk and educational JANKOVAČKA trail - tour lasts hours and a half. Enjoy nature and the fresh air, and before you go get something to eat - like real mountaineers, delicious beans with sausage. I believe it is offered daily restaurant !


The package includes:
- Accommodation in 1/2 room at hotel Višnjica
- 2 half-board per person (buffet breakfast and dinner)
- A half-hour ride with instructor
- Carriage ride around the farm

Package price: 900.00 HRK for 2 people

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