New film treats in theaters in January

New film treats in theaters in January
Winter time some prefer to take advantage of skiing, and some in warm theaters. The latter will grease mustache in the new year. A brief overview of the new movies out blitz of distribution in theaters come in January ...
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Ideas for weekend
Paranormal : Marked ( Paranormal Activity : Marked Ones )
A demon named Toby will not disappoint us this time ! In the city of Oxnard , California whole neighborhood was shocked when it happens brutal murder of their fellow citizen . The shock was even greater when he finds out that dealt with black magic . Although she did not know , Jesse ( Jacobs ) finds his image among the ruins of her rituals . The next morning woke up with a strange footprint bitten on the hand and soon begins to experience strange changes . His family moved to explore what might have happened and reveals that those who are labeled become permanent hosts of demons .
Directed by : Christopher Landon
Cast: Andrew Jacobs , Molly Ephraim , Richard Cabral
In cinemas from 02 January!
The legend of Hercules ( Hercules : The Legend Begines )
From the director of memorable action hits Die Hard 2 and Alpinist comes a movie about the mythical hero Hercules . The film on the big screen brings rarely seen background stories of Hercules ( Lutz ) : after the love of his life Heba ( Weiss ) promised his brother , he rebelled and was banished from the family home ( Adkins ) . Abandoned by family , ends in sex slaves and sold him to the Colosseum , where once you amazed by the overall population reveals that a demigod . In this lavishly produced film world of Greek mythology is shown more authentic than ever .
Directed by Renny Harlin
Starring : Kellan Lutz , Gaia Weiss , Rade Serbedzija
In cinemas from 09th January!
The Secret Life of Walter Mittyja ( The Secret Life of Walter Mitty )
In the film, which he directed and , Stiller plays a seemingly ordinary man who spends his days in the office and leads a boring life .
Walter escape from his monotonous life finds in a fantasy world where relive the most amazing adventures . However , when it becomes likely that he and a colleague that he likes to lose a job , a dreamer Walter moves in real life adventure that would be wonderful, than anything he could have imagined : taking matters into their own hands and becomes a man he had always wanted to be .
Directed by : Ben Stiller
Starring : Ben Stiller , Kristen Wiig , Sean Penn
In cinemas from 09th January!
Calculation legend ( Grudge Match)
30 years after the last match , the two middle-aged boxing rivals are returning from pensions, to the last fight .
The film Calculation legend Stallone and De Niro starring Henry " Razor " Sharp and Billy " The Kid " . Two local fighters from Pittsburgh became nationally known for his rivalry . Twice confronted, every fight has resulted in another winner. In 1983. , On the eve of their third and decisive struggle , Razor announces his retirement refusing to explain the reason for such a decision . Thirty years later , the boxing promoter Dante Slate Jr. , offering them an offer they could not refuse : to re- enter the ring and align accounts .
Directed by : Peter S
Starring : Robert De Niro , Sylvester Stallone , Kim Basinger
In cinemas from 09th January!
House great magician ( House of Magic )
Dubbed !
Seeking refuge from the storm , abandoned young cat Lightning sneaks in a mysterious castle owned by a retired magician . Magician accept and Lightning quickly adapt to the new environment and new household . However , when a magician Lawrence unexpectedly ends up in the hospital , his nephew tried to trick him and sell the house . Then Lightning and his new friends are using all the tricks in order to protect the magician and save his mysterious castle of sales .
In cinemas from 16th January!
Jack Ryan : Call of the Shadows ( Jack Ryan : Shadow Recruit )
Jack Ryan spy emerged from the pen of Tom Clancy , the celebrated writer of tense political crime novels. The latest film on the character and achievements of this hero is an action thriller called ' Call of the shadows ' . This time the action is centered on its first steps into the world of spies
leaned . Young civil servant Chris Pine , Kevin Costner will turn in the government's operatives , and will soon be here and charming Keira Knightley as his girlfriend .
Directed by : Kenneth Branagh
Starring : Chris Pine , Keira Knightley , Kevin Costner
In cinemas from 16th January!
Interesting and daring film about contemporary society that explores the moral values ​​and relationships.
Leader training psychotherapists is an American psychiatrist - psychotherapist . Its worldwide reputation attracted many psychiatrists , therapists and teachers for additional training . The film follows the relationships between the characters , especially focused on the psychiatrist Simon K. ( 40 ) , which is much more successful in their professional than personal life .
Directed by Brendan Ogresta
Starring : Bojan Navojec , Ksenija Pajic , Ksenija Marinkovic , Polona Juh
In cinemas from 23 January!
Thief book ( The Book Thief )
The film is based on the eponymous bestseller . Thief book is an inspirational story about a brave young girl who changes the lives of people in their environment . In Nazi Germany, the 1939th year , nine-year old Liesel lives with her foster family , and survived the horrors of war in a way that is stealing books and read them , and then borrows neighbors .
Layered , dark life , but beautiful and affirmative life story of survival and resilience of the human spirit .
Directed by : Brian Percival
Starring : Sophie Nelisse , Geoffrey Rush , Emily Watson
In cinemas from 23 January!
12 years of slavery ( 12 Years Slave )
12 years of slavery is a British- American historical drama , an adaptation of the eponymous autobiography of Solomon Northup out in 1853. , The kidnapping of free African-Americans in Washington 1841st and sale into slavery , where he spent 12 years working on a plantation .
Directed by : Steve McQueen
Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor , Michael K. Williams , Michael Fassbender , Brad Pitt
In cinemas from 30th January!
August in Osage County
Black comedy from award-winning actors , August in the district of Osang , follows the lives of powerful women from the Weston family , whose paths diverged . A family crisis brings them back to Oklahoma , in the house where they grew up as dysfunctional woman who raised them - their mother .
Directed by : John Wells
Starring : Julia Roberts , Meryl Streep , Benedict Cumberbatch
In cinemas from 30th January!
9.1 . Riddick
15.1 . JOBS
22.1 . NINJA 2

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