Refresh your old furniture, have fun this weekend

Refresh your old furniture, have fun this weekend
Tired of old furniture and fantasize about the new? With a little imagination and color, you can have a new one just for the weekend. See how ...
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Ideas for weekend

Take a weekend for decorating your home, furniture, walls or desk.

Accessories required:

- Emery paper (sandpaper) - coarser and less rough

- Color (happier if afraid in two colors) - for the amount it is best to ask aunt or uncle in the shop - depends on how much you have to paint - I recommend water-based paint - maybe a little longer to dry, but it does not stink! :)

- towels

- nylons

- Brushes - if you do not already have at home, when you buy paint, buy and brushes (not the cheapest, they let the hair coloring, rather buy quality)

- Tape for painting

The procedure is as follows:

First set nylon under furniture that you plan to fear (if afraid cabinets, of course empty it before :))

2nd sandpaper, sand the old paint (do not need to overdo it and erase his soul, but it is important that no flakes ...)

3rd damp cloth overwrite furniture

4th the tape if afraid of 2 or more colors

5th "first hand" painting can let children have nothing to screw up, and to look forward to ... Remove the tape while the paint is still wet

6th in order not to leave any traces on the floor, immediately wipe with a damp cloth color, (easy to remove when fresh, chilled)

We come to hold the paint dry ... After a couple of hours (try whether dry) goes the other arm or other color ...

7th "Second Hand" is essential to fear in the same direction - left and right or up and down. Make sure the excess paint is not dripping on the wall, drain well brush.

Immediately wash the brushes under warm running water ... and that's it! Simply, you have a new furniture!

Good Luck! Have a nice weekend!

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