Rich three-day offer for two - 2,250 HRK, Hotel Savus

Rich three-day offer for two - 2,250 HRK, Hotel Savus
Pamper yourself with a special offer that includes: 2 romantic dinners and two breakfasts in the room, a half-day trip surprises and going to the spa with a massage in gement
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The idea for the perfect weekend

Visiting Brodsko Vinogorje
Today, the city stretched on the gentle slopes Dilj-up, where the vineyards are not just old summer, but also a number of family houses, cottages, and even entire city streets. Walkers slopes Dilj up definitely recommend stopping at the mountain lodge "Djuro Pilar" in Popovićevoj forest, a popular excursion ship mountaineers, and in summer the family Brlic where Ivana Brlić Mažuranić wrote his best short stories for children.

Enjoy an afternoon walk on the Lake Petnja
Water reservoir Petnja located on the south side Dilj-up, 3.5 km northeast of Sibinj, ie 7 km northwest of Slavonski Brod. Lake impresses with its appearance, the forest environment, walking trails, opportunities for fishing, boating and other water sports, and clean air. The special charm of the lake provides a fusion of blue water with greenery and colorful forests, earning him the epithet "diljsko around." North of this world heritage site, a source close to the stream Petnja (Vid hill), there are several small caves, among which the most interesting erosive shape makes canyon Pljuskara which, along with the cave, and includes three waterfalls on the creek.

Create your own mini trip to the zoo in Rušćica
The zoo Milec family in the suburb Ruscica can see 70 species of animals and birds, including, in addition to domestic animals, and the bear, tiger, eagle, monkey Bobo and many other members of the marvelous animal and bird life. It should also be noted that the guests of the zoo is expected to stay very effectively regulated environment with specially designed enclosures

Visit the sports and recreation center Poloj
With little public beach located on the bank of the Sava in the center of town, 3 km downstream from the city center, there is a sports and recreation center Poloj, which can be reached by car, bicycle or walking embankment. Apart from the beautiful sandy beach, in the complex and there is more parking and sports fields.


Romantic Package includes:

• 2 nights in a double room
• 2 x breakfast in the room
• 2 xa la carte dinner in the restaurant of the hotel "Savus"
• welcome in the room - fresh fruit and bottle of wine
• going to the spa - 2 hours with power one massage per person
• half day excursion "surprises" in the surrounding area

PRICE FOR TWO: 2.250,00kn

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